New York’s Premier Event on the Business of Television Advertising

March 25, 2019 | New York City


Join us at Advanced Advertising to engage with the dynamic content that helps innovators like you keep up with emerging trends and build one-on-one relationships with viewers and drive key revenue streams in TV advertising. Senior executives from across the industry come together with buyers, sellers, and tech providers to discuss the impact of data, automation, addressability, programmatic and measurement in TV advertising.

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Network with peers who tackle the same challenges as you

Gain unique insights

Gain unique insights into what new metrics can do for your business


Develop your new programmatic strategies

Debate and discuss

Debate and discuss with your peers on important industry topics


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March 25, 2019

9:00 am

Keynote #I

The Seller: A leading media sales executive explains how technology investments have created customizable products and processes that help clients engage consumers and amplify sales.  The keynote shows how to make inventory more competitive, enable the creation of more premium content and generate higher revenues and profit margins.

10:00 am

Panel 1

The Big Picture: What promises has technology kept and what remains smoke and mirrors. Buyers, sellers and technology providers debate how far the industry has come and look at what’s just over the horizon.

11:00 am

Panel 2

Putting it Together: Ad tech companies are forming alliances to keep them relevant and part of the value chain. Panelists will address challenges, and offer a vision for what the industry will look like when those obstacles are surmounted. A key is keeping an automated process safe and accountable, an issue blockchain could have a role in solving.

12:00 pm


1:00 pm

Keynote #2

The Technology: A leading tech executive discusses how the future is now when it comes to advanced advertising. New solutions are available at scale and smart marketers are taking advantage of them to boost both their top line and bottom lines.

2:00 pm

Panel 3

Addressable Advertising: More distributors are getting on board with addressable, creating the combination of scale and technology advertisers have been waiting for.  How will distributors and programmers share the spoils?

3:00 pm

Panel 4

The Payoff: An entire industry of research and analytics companies has sprung up claiming to provide new metrics for attributing the impact advertising campaigns have on sales. Does advanced advertising do what it promises, and how will better ROI metrics affect how TV advertising is priced?

4:00 pm

Keynote #3

The Buyer: A top media buying agency or marketing company will skewer false promises and provide examples of real-life success stories. This session explains what advertisers are looking for when they decide to spend money on promotion. How can advanced advertising keep marketing dollars from flowing from TV to its digital competitors?

5:00 pm




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Join us on March 25, 2019 for our ADVANCED ADVERTISING SUMMIT in NYC. This event brings the industry’s most innovative thought leaders together for a full day of dynamic content and connections that explore the impact of data and automation in TV advertising.

Network with the senior executives charged with driving success as they team up with buyers, sellers and tech providers to share their expertise and experience. Gain access and insights into what’s new in the business of TV advertising and build one-on-one relationships with viewers while building TV’s key revenue streams.

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